Shop Green – Resources

There are many natural / organic products out there and many websites that share some absolutely wonderful news and information about living more sustainably. Here are links to some:


Navdharshanam in Bangalore sells some of the best organic food products and I source many things from them.

–  Namdhari’s Fresh is a retail chain of stores that sell organic vegetables, fruits and salads.

Green The Gap Collective I love because they really are making upcycling an affordable reality in this country. Go all out I say!

Forty Red Bangles is a Mumbai based company that retails in a sustainable luxury line of clothing and fashion accessories.

Saint Pure has some very interesting stuff from around the world. LUXURY is their selling point! I have not tried anything from there yet, but if you do, drop me a line.

Fish Flops by Kan is a Mumbai based designer’s way to contribute to marine conservation. She makes waterproof sandals and 7.5% of the sale proceeds go to ReefWatch India. I like! “Female fish flops are priced at Rs 751 as there are 7517 km of coastline in India which need protection.” and “Male fish flops are priced at Rs 816 as there are 816 sq km of coral reefs in Lakshadweep just waiting to be explored.”

Organic Haus in Ahmedabad and Mumbai is worth checking out for their organic collection of a lot of things, many we did not think possible!

The Clay Company for those who love to dirty themselves in clay and embed their expressions in ceramics and pottery. This is definitely on my TO DO list.

Elrhinopaper is a family owned company that makes some wonderful paper from elephant and rhino poo! Ah! Yes yes. POO. Manufactured in Assam and retailed out of Mumbai.

Thunk has finally brought green innovation and upcycling to India! Check out this Coimbatore based design studio’s solar powered ThunkSlings and ThunkPacks.. Makes me want to head for the jungle again!


TerrSkin makes paper from stone! Believe it.

Green Upgrader is a great website that provides interesting and novel products, recipes, tutorials and how-tos, green ideas, and sustainability news.

180-design has some great stuff for the house made out of reclaimed metal.

– Fashion Conscience is an online store that sources ethical clothing from around the world.

Cushe is for shoes and just shoes, all being sustainable.

Sea Salt Cornwall has a great cotton collection, 60% of which is organic.

MyEarth 360 offer some really great eco-practical products.

Terra Cycle directly collects hard to recycle packaging and products from households and then either upcycles it into new products or recycles it in to new materials from which innovative products are made!

Swap Style is your  eco-friendly answer to saving money and refreshing your closet – over 40,000 members freely exchange clothing, cosmetics, books and accessories!


Filter in Mumbai is a retail store that houses works of illustrators, photographers, graphic designers and product innovators. 

Footsy is an online store selling socks and its variants! And they have a blog too!

Love Minty is just fabuuuulousss interiors place! As they say “Whether you’re in pursuit of that elusive statement piece, or on the prowl for that perfect, quirky find, MINTY provides the finishing touch to make your home uniquely yours.” They store unique, one-of-a-kind decorative objects, vintage furnishings, art and textiles.

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